Tube and Media scripts that are similar to YouTube run off Apache and PHP streaming. All web hosting, reseller, VPS, and Dedicated servers can stream this media with no changes needed.

You’ll typically need an adult tube script like these:

Clip Share – $178
Adult Video Scripts – $178
VIMP – free
PHPMotion – free
Adult Watch Script – $111
Adult Script Pro – $199
Kernel Video Sharing – $119
Smart Tube – 1.5% of traffic or $499
Mech Bunny – $699

But new scripts and apps are coming out all the time that cost less or free, and use technology just as good or better. A Google search for “website tube script” or “website tube app” should help find what’s new.

We even have several free video scripts you can install with one click inside the app installer tool we provide called Softaculous. Just keep in mind, most tube video streaming apps require more power from the web hosting account. Some can run on our Easy plan for $2.99 a month, but as the website grows, you’ll probably need the Power plan or Advanced Plan.

You can view adult web hosting plans here: Adult Web Hosting