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Our system allows you to add a shopping cart with one click. All you need is a billing service like Paypal, Square, 2Checkout, or CCBill to take payments. Then set up categories and products to get started. More advanced options like shipping and downloading product ability is available as well. Our ECommerce open source shopping carts like these are all free with all adult web hosting plans. Regular and adult content is allowed on all of these too. Just grab an adult web hosting account, and you can add it anytime through our free apps installer (Softaculous).

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Scroll down to see details on the most popular adult friendly open source shopping carts.


Magento is a CMS platform with open source functionality which provides you unique featured services for business owners and helps to expand their business operations digitally in e-commerce world. It has a powerful functions, system, scalability, flexibility and easy customization. Magento is the best option for those who want to expand their businesses for long-term goals.


This is available to install and update with our one click app installer

Number of online stores: 260,000+ Website:

Advantages of Magento
Simplicity – Easy to use platform that totally focuses on providing simplicity services and customer support.
Flexibility – You can develop your own custom made design with extended plugins options.
List out unlimited products and categories – You can sell an unlimited number of products online with unique search options.
User Management – Easily manage the users and user levels on your e-commerce website through the back end.
Search Engine Optimization – You can combine the design with the SEO services for gaining the optimal search engine results.


Prestashop is the famous e-commerce platform currently in European markets which is easily available at free of cost because of being an open source CMS platform. The built-in functions are made for creating, managing and launching successful online store without paying any fees for the license.

This platform supports various payment gateways like Google Checkout and PayPal. It requires fewer servers and resources though as compared to other e-commerce development platforms.


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Number of online stores: 200,000+ Website:

Advantages of Prestashop
It is a completely free platform that helps you to save over the cost, especially if you are looking forward to getting that developed with a budgeted price.

Demographic assistance
Limited Scalability ( This platform is especially for small and medium-sized stores)
Appealing back-end interface
Debugging is easier
Payment gateways generate few errors sometimes with the response time but this has to be controlled.
Some extensions, modules and plugins are to be purchased as they don’t come with the pack.


Open cart allows you to achieve your online market goals, no matter how big or small they are. This is one of the very active communities and though actively developed on every aspect over providing better services. This platform is free which includes MVC design patterns with easily developed extensions.

It is popular among small businesses because they don’t have much staff with a lot of programming experience. The best part about OpenCart is that it doesn’t drag on your server, you can slow everything down by adding up numbers of plugins and for most of the people, this is one of the fastest options.


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Number of online store: 200,000+ Website:

Advantages of OpenCart
Always ready to use template options
Multi-lingual mode
Multi-Store option
Plenty of options on extensions and modules
OpenCart doesn’t promise you to serve a very high-performance service unless the user decides to avail addition plugins. It doesn’t have to cache too but can be done through by adding an extension for boosting up the performance.


An open source platform which is free to download and offers you with an enormous amount of extended features, even after being extremely flexible both by nature. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that has user-friendly features and functions to provide a better experience to have a perfect e-commerce startup.

It helps you to feel free for an online business that makes easy to understand easily without any hesitation regarding the services.

Woo Commerce

This is NOT available to install and update with our one click app installer

Number of online stores: 210,000+ Website:

Advantages of WooCommerce
It never forces the user to go beyond their comfort zone because it helps you with plenty of other option. So that it can help you built an amazing online e-commerce store.

Numerous customization options
Simple and professional
Great flexibility
The main disadvantage of this platform is the plugins which aren’t free and they play a very important role in development. Even this platform doesn’t have a hosted solution that means everything from security to site issues is up to your end.